Name: Marin Barrington
Order of birth: Eldest Sister
Weapon of choice: Sword
Best known for: Acting as mother to her sisters and being mistress of the castle after their mother’s death.
Temperament: Responsible – she is the authority of the house, especially when her father is not there.
Interest in romance: None. She has her sisters and the castle to look after.
Pet Peeve: When someone tries to hurt her family.
Secret Dream: To one day have a family of her own. Yet it’s an impossible dream as she’s sacrificed her chance to marry to care for her sisters.
Name: Anice Barrington
Order of birth: Second Eldest Sister
Weapon of choice: Sword
Best known for: Being the most beautiful of the sisters.
Temperament: Confident, she carries herself with an enviable ease.
Interest in romance: Not much. She feels she has nothing to offer her family but securing an advantageous marriage to better their political standing. How can there be romance in a chore?
Pet Peeve: That everyone sees her as simply beautiful and never looks deeper to who she really is.
Secret Dream: To excel at something to the point people notice her for her accomplishments and not simply her appearance.
Name: Ella Barrington
Order of birth: Middle Sister
Weapon of choice: Battle Axe or Mace
Best known for: Her love of books.
Temperament: Whimsical. She has her head in the clouds and her heart offered out in the palm of her hands.
Interest in romance: She cannot wait to be swept off her feet and fall in love.
Pet Peeve: Being told what to do.
Secret Dream: To meet a man like in the stories she reads, for him to woo her and them to fall in love to live out their own happily ever after.
Name: Catriona Barrington
Order of birth: Second Youngest Sister
Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow
Best known for: Her incredible archery skills.
Temperament: Bright and cheerful. She always has something nice to say, is always smiling and gives more chances than most people deserve.
Interest in romance: It would be nice if she could find love, but if she can’t, she’s simply happy so many of her sisters have.
Pet Peeve: Mean people.
Secret Dream: For Geordie to become the knight he’s always worked so hard to become.
Name: Leila Barrington
Order of birth: Youngest Sister
Weapon of choice: Twin daggers
Best known for: Her ability to anticipate what the future will bring and her ability to work with herbs.
Temperament: Quiet and reserved. Mayhap it had to do with how she came into the world, but she has a tendency to be solemn and keep to herself.
Interest in romance: None. She has seen her future and knows the man she loves will kill her.
Pet Peeve: That she cannot see everything that will happen. Glimpses can sometimes be maddening and easily misconstrued.
Secret Dream: To be accepted for who she is, not only by others, but most importantly by herself.