The final Borderland Ladies book is now up for pre-order on all retailers! You’ve gotten to see Leila grow up through the series. On October 15, you’ll be able to read her journey to happily ever after. I had a lot of fun researching this book, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Want to know more about Leila? Check out her Character Profile on the Borderland Ladies special content page. 

From USA Today Bestselling Author Madeline Martin comes the final steamy, suspenseful Borderland Ladies novel…


Lady Leila Barrington is the youngest daughter of the Earl of Werrick.  While she has always known she is loved, she still carries the guilt of her birth and feels set apart from her sisters—not only in appearance, but also by the visions that haunt her. In a world where fear and superstition rule, her gifts may cost her everything, including her life. But when she has a premonition of the great pestilence, she knows she will not be able to turn her back on the sick and dying. Not even after she sees her own death at the hands of the man she is fated to love.



After his father was cursed by a witch and died, Niall Douglas devoted himself to living an honorable life, one of such ferocity and determination that he became known as the Lion. As Deputy to the Keeper of Liddesdale in the debatable lands, he swore to protect the people. When rumors circulate that a witch is responsible for causing the great illness, nothing will stop Niall from bringing her to justice. However, once he has arrested Lady Leila, he finds her to be an incredible beauty with admirable strength and spirit—a woman who consumes his thoughts and turns his blood to fire.



With desolation and death surrounding them, will terror and fallacy tear them apart, or will their passion overcome prejudice and prove that love is enough to save them all?