In MARIN’S PROMISE, you met Catriona and her best friend, the young knight Geordie. Many of you have told me you hope they end up together, and I’ve so loved reading your comments. Never fear, friends–Cat’s book is coming soon, and her hero is indeed Geordie. On August 27th, you’ll get to read their story. <3

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When he was but a boy, Sir Geordie Strafford was abandoned at Werrick Castle, his life meant as payment for his father’s deceit. Lady Catriona Barrington saved him by pleading with Lord Werrick for a stay of execution. From that moment on, Geordie and Cat were inseparable, until he left on a four-year campaign for the king. Now returned with his dream of being a knight fully realized, Geordie is determined to win the heart of the woman he’s always loved. But Cat has a secret of her own, one that could destroy everything.


Since they were children, Catriona has always known she wanted her best friend by her side. When Geordie comes home from years of battle, her feelings blossom into a passionate love. But one dark, traumatic night changes Cat’s life forever, leaving her with far more than just emotional scars–she’s now pregnant. Knowing that Geordie would risk everything for her, even killing the man who stole her innocence, she dares not tell him the truth. He’s worked too hard to lose everything fighting for her honor. For that reason, she realizes even though she loves him and revels in his kisses, their union cannot continue.


When they arrive at court, royal intrigues grow dangerous, lies abound, and choices must be made. Will love and happiness win, or will a secret destroy a lifetime of dreams and determination?

Special note: CATRIONA’S SECRET does deal with the aftermath of surviving a sexual assault. While I can guarantee that Geordie and Catriona do receive their happily ever after, their journey is hard-won and I understand it may be difficult for some of you to read it. Please know that I always, always want you to do what’s comfortable for you!