History, Wine & Books Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been working with Lori Ann Bailey and Eliza Knight on putting together a podcast that covers all our favorite things. It’s called History Books and Wine (see? ALL of our favorite things!) We do weekly podcasts where three times a month one of us will do a 30 minute segment and once a month, we’ll do a happy hour – a full hour of us talking history and books while drinking wine.
I confess, there was a lot of leg work in getting everything up and running. Most of which was done by Eliza since she’s wanted to do a podcast for so long. And I’m so glad she did. I’m not patient at all with learning new programs! LOL
I confess, I’m really great at breaking technology. Here are some of the crazy issues I stumbled over.

  • The microphone. Apparently the yeti microphone is notorious for bad cords. I got one with a bad cord and Mr. Awesome (who has the patience of a saint) helped me get it figured out.
  • The recording. This month has been incredibly busy for me and I haven’t gotten much sleep as a result. I was running late on this month’s episode that I did on my own and recorded it about two and a half hours past my bedtime. I promise to never, NEVER do that again!
  • The edits. We found a stray dog in our neighborhood that we took in while we found a home for it. While we are glad we did it, caring for her took over all the time I’d set aside to edit. I finally got it after several hours of editing (mainly a lot of deep breaths because I lost my place again, and self-deprecating comments to myself LOL). Most of these hours were done on Wednesday night (the show airs on Thursday morning)
  • The upload. I was finally done with edits and ready to upload! But wait! Apparently there is a file aptly named ‘Lame’ that must be downloaded to record an MP3. At this point, it was 11PM and I’d been on 4 hours of sleep for 3 days. It took almost an hour to trouble shoot to figure out how to get the thing to show up on my program so I could download the MP3. But – just after midnight – I got it done!! YAY!!!

It’s been a lot of fun doing the podcast. They’ll get easier now that I’ve stumbled my way through my first officially on-my-own episode.
If you listen to podcasts, please check us out 😊 You can find us on Buzzsprout. Or if you have an Alexa, you can simply say: Alexa, play History, Books and Wine Podcast 😊