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Available March 26, 2019

Her Highland Destiny Cover

I’m thrilled to release the fourth Highland Passions novella! Please note, if  you read Cassandra in the Ladies of the Stone anthology, you have already read this book.

The Protector

Cassandra Thomas is the youngest born daughter in a line of powerful woman, destined to have a great gift. Just as she is giving up hope on ever receiving her powers, a mark appears on her hip and her purpose looms on the horizon. But she is not the only one seeking the stone to protect Scotland, as a mysterious dark-haired man is as determined to get at it, one who is strong, sinfully handsome and arouses many wicked longings.

The Undefeated

Sir Fergus the Undefeated is desperate to save his son. In order to do so, he must bring the Heart of Scotland to the King, as well as its Protector. But no amount of training could prepare Fergus for the woman he is up against or the passion she reawakens within him.

The Choice

Cassandra and Fergus work together in hopes to succeed in protecting Scotland and reuniting Fergus with his son.  But when the power of the stone beckons, will their love be strong enough to banish the evil or will betrayal tear them apart?

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