I’m so excited to get to share HER HIGHLAND BEAST with you in Romantically Enchanted! My story is a mash up of Beauty and the Beast and the Princess and the Pea. This anthology of twisted fairytales is only available for a limited time, so you definitely want to snatch up your copy now! It features six NEW stories that haven’t been published elsewhere yet. I really enjoyed working on this anthology with Dawn Brower, Rebekah Lewis, Amanda Mariel, Sandra Sookoo, and Tammy Andresen.

And a bonus, on this graphic you get to see the cover for HER HIGHLAND BEAST when it individually releases in 2019. ūüėČ You might notice it says “Morrigan’s Curse” on it. Well, I had SO MUCH fun writing this twisted fairytale that I decided I wanted to do an entire series of them. Each book will feature one of Morrigan’s daughters, and it’ll combine different fairytales in a new, exciting way. Look for this series in 2019 – when it goes up for preorder, I’ll be sure and post links here!

For now, make sure you get that copy of Romantically Enchanted so you get to read all the fun tales!

Become immersed in tales that take on a new twist as fairytales become entwined together. Magic, mythology, legends–anything imaginable can, and will happen. These SIX, all new, stories from USA TODAY and bestselling authors will leave you mesmerized, enthralled, and romantically enchanted…

Her Highland Beast by Madeline Martin Cursed by a witch, Duncan Maclean watches his life pass as leaves fall from the great rowan tree, indicating the trickling end of his mortality.  Only a special woman can break the curse, one who will be identified by the cut of an ancient spear under a layer of mattresses. Evina MacGregor cannot be injured in battle, even as her comrades fall around her, yet she cannot remember her past. After years of wandering the world in search of answers, she stumbles upon an enchanted castle and a beastly man who may hold the secret to her identity. She may be the one to break the curse, but time is running out for both of them.

Rescued by a Sea Nymph by Rebekah Lewis Captain James Harlow loses his hand, and nearly his life, in an encounter with a group of young miscreants. When Ione, a mermaid, saves him from drowning, she decides to trade her fins for legs and leave her old life for one on land. They are given only three days to determine if they are meant to be together, but a sociopathic young Earl endeavors to ruin it all.

Scandalous Liaison by Amanda Mariel In her youth, Grace Stratton, the Duchess of Abernathy,gave her heart to Lewis Duffield, an American plantation owner. Family duty tore them apart as she was required to wed another man. After years of being widowed, Grace finds herself alone with Lewis and their old flames rekindle,but can they recapture the all consuming love they once shared?

Infinitely My Marquess¬†by¬†Dawn Brower¬†The Marquess of Cinderbury and Lady Annalise Palmer are two lost souls in search of salvation. Together they can help each other heal, if they can believe in love, and in each other long enough to escape the torment they’ve both suffered; as well as, uncover an unimaginable devotion.

It Must be Magic¬†by¬†Sandra Sookoo¬†When Averell Woode, a huntsman’s daughter hidden away in an enchanted tree, meets Quinn Lansdowne, the spare prince of Annanvaleas well as a wolf shifter, sparks–and arrows–fly. Perhaps it’s fate or even destiny, but love blooms between them. Too bad an evil queen holds Averell’s life in the balance unless she kills Prince Charming, who is Quinn’s brother.Only the heart and freewill can decide the future… and a little magic won’t hurt either.

Luring a Lord’s Love¬†by¬†Tammy Andresen¬†When Arianna is attacked by men dressed as wolves in the forest, she is sure no one will help her and she dives into the icy ocean rather than be captured. Lord Nicholas Fairfield is a sailor at heart,and he can’t help but wonder¬†about mermaids when he fishes a red-haired beauty from the sea. But the trouble engulfing her village is no myth and it’s up to him to save Arianna, her family, and the Scottish people who are under attack. But can he protect his own heart?