I thought you might enjoy those photos from my trip to Denver, Colorado for the 2018 Romance Writers of America National Conference. I had so much fun getting to chat with my fellow authors and also meet readers at the Literacy Signing! The signing raised $38,226 for ProLiteracy Worldwide and the Literacy Coalition of Colorado, which is incredible.

Here I am signing!

Hanging out with my friends and awesome Scottish romance authors Eliza Knight and Lori Ann Bailey. All we are missing is Cecelia Mecca and we’d have the complete Ladies of the Stone team.

One of the coolest things I did at Nationals was take part in Victoria Vane‘s How to Become a Well-Dressed Lady: Building a Historical Wardrobe from the Ground Up workshop, where I got to dress in historical underwear and historical gowns! This workshop helped authors to understand the many, many layers a historical woman would wear, across several popular eras: medieval, Renaissance, Georgian, Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian. Victoria also runs Renaissance to Regency Couture. You can actually watch part of the workshop here, and see me modeling the stays, shift, and the pocket hoops (what I’m pointing to below).

So these hoops could actually be used as pockets for your dress!

With Collette Cameron. I’m modeling the Victorian fashion, while she is wearing Regency. These dresses were both made by Victoria too.

So here we have Eliza Knight wearing the medieval, Julie Johnstone modeling the Tudor, Gina Conkle wearing Georgian, me wearing Victorian, and Victoria Vane wearing Edwardian. All these dresses were made by Victoria too.