I’m so thrilled to share with you THE MADAM’S HIGHLANDER! It is available in e-book, and print is coming shortly. For a very short time, you can purchase the e-book version for the special release day price of $0.99! Soon it will be going up to the full price of $2.99. THE MADAM’S HIGHLANDER is book 2 in the Highland Passions series.


Freya Campbell is the madam of Molly’s, an infamous Edinburgh bawdy house. Running the establishment not only enables her to help war widows and aid soldiers, but the income generated affords her family a good life and safety in times that are uncertain and dangerous.


Ewan Fraser is a man shamed by his father’s transgressions. To salvage his legacy and name, he has earned his way as a Captain in the Black Watch, England’s Scottish regiment. When war turns the days dark and dismal, he fears for his mother’s safety and will stop at nothing to protect her.

With England’s hold on Scotland tightening, Ewan and Freya must work together to save their threatened families. But can two unlikely lovers find happiness in a world with seemingly no future?

As a note, if you purchased the limited time boxed sets Lords of Love or Historical Hellions, you have already read THE MADAM’S HIGHLANDER.

Purchase your copy: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo


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