The Highlander’s Challenge


Kathryn Le Veque is doing a relaunch of her De Wolfe Pack Kindle World and I’m incredibly honored to take part. A Kindle World is basically a world created by another author where other authors gets to dabble in with their own characters.

In The Highlander’s Challenge, Bridget De Wolfe is the great niece of Penelope De Wolfe (From Kathryn Le Veque’s The Serpent) and has also taken up a knight’s life. When she sees her brother slain on the battlefield in front of her, she vows vengeance.

The opportunity to avenge him comes far sooner than anticipated when she becomes betrothed to the very man who killed him, Aidan MacAlister.

Aidan has assumed the role of parent to his two younger siblings after his parents’ deaths. Robert the Bruce has insists he marry an English noble to secure the Scottish English alliance. His acquiescence affords him land and a home for his family. Only his new wife is unlike any woman he’s ever met…and she’s already tried to kill him.

The Highlander’s Challenge (De Wolfe Pack Kindle World)


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