I'm Published2015 was a very exciting year for me. I officially became a published author (and have the awesome book cake to prove it!) and released my first two books with my third, Enchantment of a Highlander, releasing on January 19, 2016.

In writing this series, I discovered something about myself as an author – I love writing tough women. Maybe it’s because of how uncomfortable I was in my own skin most of my life, or maybe it was the way I felt like I’d lost my identity for a few years in the role of being a mother and a wife, or maybe it’s just my personality at its core, but I love the way a capable heroine makes my heart race with empowerment.Cake

My first book, Deception of a Highlander, demonstrated this with my heroine, Mariel Brandon. She’s an English spy whose young brother is held hostage by London’s underlord. In order to save her brother’s life, she must become an assassin if she can’t seduce the information she needs from a Scottish laird. But with her brother’s life on the line and the horror she learns behind the laird’s secrets, can she really kill the only man she’s ever truly loved?

Here’s a quick excerpt I enjoyed writing:

In a halfhearted attempt to attack, he swung his fist in her direction. She caught his hand before he hit her temple and shoved him away with a look of disgust.

“Stop it,” she said dryly.

He studied her movements, waiting for her to engage in an offensive maneuver so he could safely tackle her to the ground and end their mock battle. “Stop what?”

“Stop treating me like a delicate courtier and fight me like a man.” Her leg swung at him.

Kieran palmed her firm calf and swept her standing leg from beneath her so she fell into the soft soil. “Better?” he teased, his hand still fixed against the heat of her shapely leg.

Her eyes slanted up at him with the glint of a challenge. “Much.”


Publishers Weekly said: “Martin’s promising debut sets a dramatic romance…”


Today is the last day Deception of a Highlander is on sale for only .99 (sale only on iTunes and Amazon).
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  1. I like reading about tough heroines because I can relate. I am a retired cop and extremely strong willed.

  2. I love reading stories with strong tough women. It’s encouraging. I think I am pretty tough. But we all have our moments……;-) So it’s always good to read an encouraging story.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head for me – respect. I love having a heroine I have respect for 🙂

  3. It’s nice to read about people who are different than me. I don’t consider myself as tough, at least not physically, but if I put my mind onto something I really want, then I’ll do everything in my power to get it. I do have a good sense of humor, though, and that helps in tough situations.

  4. I love reading about tough women because 1. they get a bad rap, usually for jerk men. 2. they never get the credit they deserve and 3. (this the most important) because they are just like me. I’m not built that way. I wasn’t born to be whiny or simpering (blech) and my father didn’t raise me or my sister to “need” a man. He taught us how to use tools (my brother and me more than my sister), and while she could do it if she had a bit more upper body strength, my sister and I both know how to change a tire. Some guys don’t even know how to do that. I love a strong woman but also love being feminine and frilly and love it when a man can not only accept that he has one, but let’s her shine and doesn’t control her or expects her to be like a 50s housewife. So keep the damsels in distress without a brain in their pretty little heads or any gumption to stand up for herself far away from me, please. 🙂

    • It sounds like you’ve got an awesome dad 🙂 Mine taught me how to change a tire too. I helped a guy change his tire once. And I was even nice enough to not ask for his man card after 😉

  5. I love strong sassy women. I guess because I like to believe I am one myself. Reading about a weak lady is boring to me..

  6. Love a strong heroine because they are more relatable. They are all bring bring more fun interesting aspects to the story

    • I agree – so many women these days are so capable. The idea of sitting in a lofty castle awaiting rescue from some brawny man just dosn’t hold as much appeal as a blade-wielding tough girl 🙂

  7. I am kinda like you,i like them cause their opposite of me. I have been a mommy since i was 17 and a wife since 20. So i lost my identity of me along time ago.strong women are appeling to me cause i li k e to think im one,but im kinda a pushover at times.

    • You didn’t lose your identity, it’s just hidden and will come out when you need it most. I had no idea how strong I was until I went through my divorce. That strength I never knew I had flared up and I was able to set aside my own hurt and concentrate fully on my babies. Hopefully you never have to go through something traumatic to bring out that strength, but always know it’s there under the surface. <3 🙂

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