Confession: I’ve been a bad blogger. I’m fortunate to have been prompted several times by people in the past for more blog posts- yet, shamefully, I haven’t delivered. That crazy thing called life swept me away for a couple months, add a few more for wallowing and ta-da! We’re at being a bad blogger.

But no more.

And it all starts with a website makeover with a gorgeous new header by The Killion Group with Hot Damn Designs who I very highly recommend for their prompt and obviously gorgeous work.

You see, I’ve decided to do the flip from Scottish set historical romances to Regency set historical romances. It’s not that men in kilts aren’t hot (because THEY ARE!) but Regency has always piqued my curiosity. Something about the humming sexual tension restrained by rigid society rules, not to mention the dresses and balls and all those other lovely things that make me squee with delight.

I’ve thrown myself into a series about women who fall from society and are scooped up by The Duchess to work in cleaning up scandal for those of the ton who can afford to pay. It’s a treacherous job that requires everything from prowling the dank alleyways of Fetter Street to attending lavish masquerade balls in the most luxurious of silks. Each doll has her own talent and as the series goes on, perhaps I’ll reveal them to you.

For now, I’ll share a glimpse of Lavinia – a woman who was left to die on the streets of London. A failed attempt at prostitution results in the death of a nobleman and her leads her into a position with the Broken Dolls. However, while on her first official assignment, she runs into the brother of the man who died and discovers he is most determined to uncover his brother’s murderer. Things become complicated when he decides to use Lavinia as a cover to ward off unwanted eligible wives. She agrees to the ridiculous notion in order to keep tabs on what he knows. Unfortunately, he uncovers more than she thought possible and she finds herself doing what every Doll is warned against – falling in love.

Scheduled to be to beta readers by July 2013. *eyebrow waggle*

In the meantime, I intend to resume my blog posts and delve into interesting tidbits of research I’ll need for my books, like prostitution, alchemy, poisons, and all sorts of other fascinating things. Feel free to swing by any time to check out my gorgeous new blog and say hi. J

And don’t forget and for all your designing needs. <- Shameless promo for a company I’m heartily impressed with.

  1. Fantastic! I am so glad to hear you news. Branching out sounds like a great idea. Oh BTW While I am still writing I have a side line…..narrating audio books for the Killian Group. Small world! lol. They are a great group. Your graphic work by Hot Damn looks fantastic!


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