How many times have you opened your e-mail to see several spam offers for penis enlargement, promising you more pleasure performing inches if you just ‘click here’?  We roll our eyes and select delete without reading it.  Well, most of us.  If the concept weren’t enticing to a large number of consumers, they wouldn’t be sent.  Somewhere someone is doing a shifty glance around the room as they click open the e-mail and read the contents.

The concept of bigger is better is not a new one, but nor is the hope that bigger is attainable if not granted at birth.

Young Arabic men were taught by their fathers the art of jelqing.  To jelq meant to grasp one’s semi-flaccid penis and slowly massage from base to tip repeatedly.  If the massage resulted in an erection, the efforts would have to cease until the penis returned to its flaccid state and the massage would begin again.  This was said to have been successful in increasing not only length but girth as well and results were said to be visible within one month.

In Egypt, men would hang weights from the ends of their penises in an effort to increase length.  Over time, this did create the desired effect and men typically experienced an increase in the length of their penises.  Unfortunately they also experienced a slimming effect in girth and typically developed blood flow issues.  So, yeah, they made it bigger, but the end result was a skinny flaccid thing that couldn’t be used for much more than relieving ones bladder.  Sooooo hot….

The Chinese utilized various herbs as a means to not only up their virility, but also increase the size of their penises.  Yohimbe and ginseng were used back then and are actually still used today as well.  In addition to these herbs, the consumption of animal testicles and penises were said to increase virility.  I guess a wide palate is necessary for a bigger penis in China.

In Europe during the Renaissance, men did not have a way to increase the size of their penises so the fabulous art of compensation reared its ugly head in the form of…the cod piece.  Don’t worry, I can promise you there will be an article on cod pieces in the future.   For now, all you need to know is that the less endowed males wouldn’t be caught dead with a child-sized cod piece on display for all to see.  Nope, they bought the full grown man size (XXXXL you can be sure) and stuffed that bad boy until it jutted in front of them.  Wads of cloth, skeins of coin, no matter what it took, that cod piece was filled and worn proudly.

Men will go to great lengths for a bigger penis (no pun intended) and have been willing to subject themselves to incredible pain and diligent exercises to get there.   After reading what men have endured for the sake of size, is it any wonder how the concept of a magic pill provides such an enticing lure?  Regardless, the next time I get one of those e-mails, I’ll still be deleting (unread)…and giggling like a 16 year old girl.  🙂

  1. At some point, someone has got to convince these men that it’s all in the technique.

    And I’m giggling over the Renaissance equivalent of stuffing socks… Oh, and jelqing? How often did the do the stop and wait part of it, hmmm?

  2. Arabic boy, caught in room with centerfold: “Honest mom, I was jelqing.” lol… And the cod-piece is such an interesting concept. Kind of like a girl stuffing her bra. She’s going to be found out by that one special someone at some point…
    What people will go through…
    Thanks for an interesting read.

    • ROFL!! Marne, you have the best sense of humor!!! 🙂
      Imagine some guy all over eager ripping open his codpiece and coins spill out all over the floor as a wad of cloth flops out like a magicians handkerchief…. Hehehe

  3. …so I’m on Google trying to find a good deal on large pencils and THIS is what it returned! I’m horrified by the lengths my forefathers and brothers had to go through. Proves we’ll do just about anything to satisfy our ladies.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I’m sorry for not approving this sooner – I must have missed the approval e-mail. I’m getting ready to post my article on toilet history. Hopefully you’ll find that one as fascinating. 😉

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